Moe Hutt

Director, Strategic Consulting Services – HireClix

Moe Hutt has been part of the Washington DC talent community for over 20 years with experience in roles from recruiting assistant and recruiter to program manager and recruiting manager. She has designed and implemented enterprise intern, employee referral, contingent, and recruiter training programs. After a successful career as a practitioner, Moe joined HireClix’s strategic consulting team where she helps talent acquisition teams solve complex problems. She is passionate about striking a balance between creativity and efficiency.

Moe began her journey with recruitDC as a volunteer at events and helping to select speakers in the content committee. She joined the recruitDC board in 2015 and now directs the organization’s programs. When she’s not assisting recruiting teams, you can find Moe with her husband and son. She is a lifelong learner who is happiest cozying up with a book.

Suzie Grieco

President – SG2 Recruiting

Like most recruiters, Suzie Grieco “fell” into recruiting. After her previous employer in media advertising closed their DC Office, a neighbor who owned a staffing agency suggested recruiting. Learning that she would get paid to talk to people over coffee and lunch, she dove in! Over the next five years, she successfully transitioned from recruiter to recruiting manager and then account management and discovered that she loved nearly every aspect recruiting. But after five years of agency recruiting, she wanted to try her hand at corporate recruiting. She joined the team at Booz Allen Hamilton helping to build their consulting team that developed strategy and operations solutions to clients in the Intelligence Community. While working closely with internal clients, she discovered unique challenges facing government recruiting and transitioned to Booz Allen’s Human Capital consulting team and served as the technical recruiting practice lead. Following a sabbatical from Booz Allen, she co-founded SG2 Recruiting, a boutique recruiting firm headquartered in Virginia. She continues to deliver talent acquisition solutions to identify, engage, screen, recruit and on-board hard-to-find candidates for large and small companies alike.

Suzie Grieco was introduced to the recruitDC organization in 2012 where she found others who shared her passion for recruiting and wanted to actively work toward elevating the profession. She joined the board as VP of Marketing to help inform those who are new to the industry about the resources and information available to them to become successful, effective recruiting professionals.

Ms. Grieco has a BS degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Maryland and an MBA in Marketing from George Washington University. She resides in Great Falls, VA with her husband and four children

About Us
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Our Story

recruitDC is a networking community that hosts events with the goal of fostering best practice and new idea discussions to elevate the recruiting profession in the greater Washington, DC area.

Founded in 2009, recruitDC was developed by DC-Area recruiters for DC-Area recruiters. Through our events, we attract national speakers and highlight local best practices which enables DC-Area recruiters have a focal point from which they can learn and grow. Through these events and a strong social media presence, recruitDC offers recruiters a broad community to call their own.


recruitDC is a networking community driven to elevate the recruiting profession. We provide an environment that encourages knowledge sharing by hosting events, developing and sharing content which cultivates new ideas within the industry.
Culture is our top priority.

We create a collaborative environment and membership that exemplifies our core values for talent acquisition practitioners, recruiting leaders and the services and tools that support them.

We are a volunteer run organization we hold each other accountable but also give grace as work and family commitments arise.

We share mutual respect with our sponsors and partners and provide a place where recruiters and recruiting leaders can learn about a tool, technology or service in a constructive and informative way.
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Our Core Values


We provide learning opportunities for recruiters and recruiting leaders to elevate the recruiting profession. 

Knowledge Sharing

Lift up recruiters and recruiting leaders to share their wins and lessons learned.  Every recruiter and recruiting leader has a story to tell we want to lift up those voices. 


Forums and groups to encourage our members to reach out to each other for advice and support.  We want our community to thrive on the buzz of supportive collaboration.


We host events both in person and virtual that encourage recruiter, recruiting leaders and technology and service providers to connect in a meaningful way.

Board of Directors

Moe Hutt
Director, Strategic Consulting Services – HireClix
Mike Bruni
President - Talent Acquisition Strategies, LLC
Tiffany Balve
Engineering Sourcing Leader – Netflix
Matt Duren
Recruiting Manager - Tenable
Suzie Grieco
President - SG2 Recruiting