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Jun 6
3:30 pm
The State of Generative AI in 2024: Recruiting and Responsible AI Governance
General Session

Human Experience, Talent Intelligence, Data and Compliance in the Era of Artificial Intelligence Advancements in Generative AI are changing how we work today, the roles that we will be hiring for in the future and how employers will recruit and assess talent pipelines in the years to come. New AI tools are emerging at a rapid pace (sometimes masquerading as technology in search of a solution) and many hold immense potential to revolutionize HR practices, empowering recruiters to automate some tasks and unlock efficiencies. As organizations increasingly rely on AI-driven solutions for talent acquisition, HR management, and people development, it becomes imperative to address the need for responsible AI standards. Given that most HR experts agree that standards should be set to ensure AI is used responsibly, is the cross-functional work that needs to include technology leaders, legal, compliance, risk management and finance, actually happening? This panel will delve into the intricate relationship between AI governance and talent management, discussing how ethical considerations, bias mitigation, and trust and transparency play crucial roles in harnessing the full potential of AI technologies while ensuring fairness and inclusivity in hiring processes. The conversation will cover the latest in responsible AI best practices as well as the implications of state, federal and international regulations that are in the works. We’ll also touch on some innovative AI applications in identifying top talent, enhancing employee engagement, and facilitating personalized learning experiences, ultimately paving the way for a more efficient and adaptive workforce. Join us as we discuss Generative AI’s immense potential to revolutionize HR practices, empowering people to navigate challenges and seize advantage of opportunities in the evolving landscape of human capital management while ensuring that recruiters have the training and skills to recognize when AI is effective and its blindspots.

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