Join Us In Giving: The Jim Hollister Fund

By Ben Gotkin 2014 was another big year for recruitDC, including 2 sold out conference events drawing close to 500 members of the local recruiting community as well as of some top minds in the national recruiting space (thank you again Laurie, Matt, Gerry, Crystal, Dwayne and Will for joining us!), smaller meetups and a couple fun social events as well. 2014 was a busy year for everyone indeed as we continued to build THE top resource for learning and networking in the local recruiting community. As good of a year as it was though, it was not without its share of tragic circumstances which hit us to the core.0b29c0b

This past Spring, Sean Lyons suddenly passed away, leaving behind a wife and two young children. Sean was my age, and like him, I also have a young family, so this hit me and many others in the community particularly hard, especially those who knew him well. At our Spring conference event, we asked the community to support the Sean Lyons Memorial Fund, and the community came through in a big way, not just meeting, but exceeding the fundraising goal to support Sean’s children’s future. And for that, we at recruitDC thank you.

Not long after our Spring event, we came to learn of yet another tragic circumstance that hit a member of the recruitDC family. Jim Hollister, his family, friends and co-workers were shocked to learn that Jim had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

Jim has been a member of the DC recruiting community for over 20 years. He was a recruiting leader at companies including Unisys, CSC and Northop Grumman. He was a co-founder of Project SAME. He was a trusted member of the recruitDC Board, serving as it’s Treasurer since the organization’s founding. He’s also a loving husband and father to 3 children, all currently attending college. For those that have known him well for many years, he’s one of the kindest, friendliest people that you could possibly know. To know Jim is to love Jim. From the time he has given to the local community to his ability to mentor up-and-coming recruiters in the community to his love of local sports teams and a good beer, to his trademark mustache and glasses, Jim has truly been an iconic figure in the local community.

Jim is currently receiving excellent care at Johns Hopkins, and his strength and optimism through all of this has truly been inspiring. We can only imagine how difficult this is on Jim and his family.

Jim has given his time and effort and has served as a role model for the local community for over the past 20 years. In this season of giving, we ask that the community help give back. When I asked Jim how recruitDC and the community could help, in his typical selfless manner, he wished that donations would be made in his name the American Cancer Society to help fund research that hopefully someday will lead to the cure of this horrible disease. To support Jim, we have formed the Jim Hollister Cancer Fund so that the community can come together and give to worthy cause in Jim’s name.

recruitDC will make a sizeable donation to the fund, and we ask that you please give what you can as well. To make a donation of any amount, please visit

Thank you for anything that you can give and let’s make Jim proud this holiday season.

For mor information, please visit The Jim Hollister Cancer Fund


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