recruitDC Poll: Should Recruiters Contact Candidates Via Their Work Email?

There has been some discussion in the recruiting community over the last few months about the best way recruiters should reach out to candidates. You can read a sampling of the articles here. With the wide array of tools like SellHack, LinkedIn, Entelo and TalentBin available to recruiters and sourcers today, we wanted to know what you think.  Do you take whatever info you can get and make your move from there, or do you work to dig for more personal contact info. With the price of some sites today, gathering whatever information that you can - at a low cost - can be an appealing option.

What are your thoughts on emailing candidates at their work email address? Feel free to leave us some comments on why you voted the way you did, and what other things have worked for you.  We'll compile the results and have a follow-up post to share them, along with any interesting comments readers share!

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